Sunday, April 10, 2011


so this morning everything is nice and dandy. i go looking for my mother so i can tell her i love her, i accually opened the wrong door and saw my other neibor today....its another boy my age. he was playing with his little sister. they were so cute together! and let me just say he was as YUM-IE as the last neighbor!! anyways, i go down stairs and mother is making breakfeast-for like 500 people!!!- and im all uhhmmm mom?? she said she invited all the neighbors over for breakfeast!!!! how inconsiderate!!!! my own mother doesnt remember i have Agoraphobia!!! (fear of crowded places) ugh!!! i know i wont stay mad forever, but still!!!! >:|
i still need help on how to get rid of my phobia....can anyone tell me!!??? please??!! i start school tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!

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