Monday, July 9, 2012

Matter over Mind

Okay so I may have flashbacks, and insane paranoia. but when it comes down to it, I have to really start being sure I am in trouble before I freak out. So I must say in MY case it is NOT Mind over Matter, but Matter over Mind. Jace is helpful and Cole is being nicer but I can not shake the feeling that something is up with him. I dont know, but I guess things are getting better. One step at a time. You know?


Okay so I tried what you guys have been telling me, be nicer and treat people how I want to be treated. It is just hard when you are the very thing you hate in this world, yet you are being forced to be it. I just am not good at coping, okay? However I tried to be nice. Christopher was shocked. He actually stared at me for a whole 12 and a half minutes, after I complimented him. I had to laugh though, his face was priceless!!!!!! All well, I guess I can keep trying at it. Practice makes perfect...right?

Theodore, Oh Theodore.

So we escaped today. As we were walking in silence, my friends, sister, Theodore and I were all very glum. At least until Theodore suddenly ran infront of us all, grabbed a hand full of wild flowers that were half dead, ran back to the group and gave me half, and Luella the other half. He told us we all should cheer up because there were still amazing things in this world. such as these half dead flowers that have withstanded the drout and tried to hang on. I can honestly say, I am in love with Theodore. <3

Shell shocked

Okay, I am not sure what just happened. I dont...cant believe that it is true!!! Declan, the boy/demon/sweet heart, I have been really starting to like....his father okay, I cant deal with this! Why did Milo tell me this? To protect me? To get me to stop talking to him? I dont know what to do with myself! DECLANS FATHER IS THE DEVIL!? *sigh*

Friday, July 6, 2012


I hate when people pity me. cant they just leave me alone? if they dont understand what I go through then go away, right? ugh. I wish that year with HIM never happened...then again...who wouldnt?


Okay so remember when I was freaking out because I found out they were demons? well lets just say it really isnt that bad...Milo took me on a date and he did all of this cool magic. the date went a little bad though because a hell hound showed up. however Declan came and sent it away, along with fighting Milo but I have to say it was like i was at the movies watching an insanly cool fight scene! allwell...everybody has issues in some way...right?


Okay so I hate this whole vampire thing. but what do i hate even more? werewolfs! they think they are so great and amazing but lets really look at it. they smell, they are naked most of the time because they are morphed most of the time, they drool everywhere, they could really use a mint, they bark really loud and they are annoyingly persistant in wanting to be petted. and i have to loive with a bunch because they are keeping me hostage! grrr, why cant i just get away from thesefoul things??? *looks at christopher* but then again he is sort of cute as a wolf..... GAH shut up Luella!!!!!!

A new Day

I slept through the night with Luella by my side, we are all safe. I wasnt sure exactly what time theodore came back but when he did he covered us with a blanket and must have fallen asleep next to us. I didnt mind though, it made me feel safer. how much longer until our safe haven is gone? hmm Theodore is starting to stir, aswell as my friends. goodbye for now, I will update later on though!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Oh lord I am so scared! Lucy took on a new charge, Cole, and Jace is closer to me than ever! What have I gotten my self in to? WHAT? I just want to be alone and away from the male population!!!!!

So very confuzed these days!

Okay so I found out that the school I go to is for supernatural people. Yes, I said it. Werewolfs, vampires, fairies, witches, name it and they all go. Am I shocked? Yes! What shocks me the most? Milo and Declan are DEMONS. Yes, true 100 percent real live DEMONS!!!! I just dont know what the world has become these days?


I don't know exactly what is going on, but I do know that Luella is safe, and Theodore went outside. I hope he returns because I am terrified!

Driving me Insane

I can not stand Christopher!!! He keeps morphing and trying to show off but u know what? It's not cool! I want to hurt him! Ugh!!!!