Thursday, July 14, 2011

my bright side is coming

my bright side is starting to come i think. they have added more security to me and i am so grateful. i fell like there is no possible way that He can get me and i get to see someone who makes me happy. cant wait for school tomarrow!! xoxoxo updates to come. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whoa. lets start a new day with out the world falling apart..

Hello followers!! Ebony here. So for some reason my comments are posting to reply to you! (sadface) so this is to the follower 'ifbyyes' :Hey after what ive been through i ask myself if im insane sorry, i love the use of exclamations...i mean i am only 16. :) and there was a 'doctor lock it' which is an intruder in the school...they never caught him so i dont know if it is him... and by him i mean my kidnapper (yikes)

and this is my daily post. now for some reason my internet was down but its back up and im REALLY sorry for the delay! okay so my last post was just crazy! i was at school and there was a doctor lock it 'refer to the paragraph above' and i was freaking out. i just cant bare the thought of him (my persuer) getting me again. but jace was there and he comforted me. (thankfully) at least until a big comotion happened at the door and jace got in the way. i pushed him out of the way just in time, and got the consiquence of getting shot! im okay now though. went to the hospital and the patched me all up. now im stuck with worry that the intruder was 'Him' and the guilt of giving in to Jace. So my question to my followers is.... "SHOULD I TELL JACE ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON, OR KEEP IT TO MYSELF??"

Monday, April 18, 2011


Ebony is a girl who hidding out from her kiddnapper,who indeed raped her... she lives with an FBI agent, named Lucy, and Lucy thinks the best way to look casual is to enroll Ebony in School. being terrified and helpless becaomes her whole life, will she stay hidden and out smart her persuer? or will he catch her and finish the awful memories hes already provided?

Jackie is an Optomist in a pesimistic world. She is on the run from the gaurds who so eviliy stole her away, however she is partners with Stein. a pesimist who cant stand her most of the time. will they catch Jackie? will she crack and become pesimistic? or will she ever find safety which may hold her twin brother?

Jezabel is an average middle class girl whose life takes place in midevil days. she is in love with her servant, but has no clue if he loves her back...when a war breaks out between her kingdom and the next, can she handle taking daring risks? will she be able to keep track of her younger sister and cope with possibly loosing Theodor her servant/true love?

Luella's family died when she was 16. ever since she has vowed to take revenge. killing vampires left and right to show the world shes not scared. but when she is defeated and turned into the very thing she hates so much, can she cope? (NO) but with the help of Christopher --the so called human boy that distracted her and made them turn her---she must deal anyway. what will she do next?

Luna moves to a new town and a new school. she is diagnosed with Agoraphobia-fear of open crowded places-can she truely handle it? meeting new people and falling in love with 3 guys doesnt help the situation. then there is the fact that everyone at her school is supernatural and seems to know more about her than she herself does. can she handle being a possible prophocy?

click on a Tab and follow one of these girls tales. HURRY ITS NOT TO LATE BUT THE CHARACTERS NEED YOU!!!!


all i can say is being a vampire SUCKS!! ugghh at least Christopher is here, he makes me feel human again....i dont see what he sees in me however....anyways sorry i havent updated...been busy with the whole self loathing kiss kiss hug hug to all my fans, and if you find a way to DE-vamperize me, TELL ME STOP HOLDING BACK!!!! bye!!!
--Luella, revenge girl--

do you believe in hectic days?

well today has really turned around. in a bad way. Milo and Declan are blood thirsty, people know me, in a way i dont even know myself, i apparently have a gaurdian angel...Emily HATES me, and so much more!! do i HAVE to pick a side? gosh i wish i could go back to my old place.....(~*thinking of Gabe helps <3 *~)
~*LOVE, Luna*~

can i say whoa??

life is CRAZY with a capital C to the mega thousandth time!!! first my mom. then Luella. and Theodore, now i get news about my......FATHER?!! whoa. creepy. i feel stressed!!! any advice?!


talk about biggest scare of my life!! well not really....but it scared me!!! although im sort of glad Jace--boy who i met in school--- was there. i might not have made it....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


im so upset these days!! im the very thing i sought to kill. they accually turned me in to a blood sucking demon!!! the only thing keeping me from killing my self is Christopher. he wont let me die, trust me i have tried!!! ugghh how do i go on??!!!

Oh God No

i dont know what to do anymore!! The town is under attack and im scared to death!! Theodore and Donovan(friend of mine) have gone to look for any survivors and im hopeing with all my heart Luella is safe.(my sister) im terrified!! is there anything that i could do thats helpful???? hmmm i dont know...well ill check in later!!!!!!


so very shy!!! i cant stop thinking about Jace....He was so nice...but soo UGGHH...ya know?? :/ so no one ever answered me...are you out there?!! have u been extinct!!?? come on, please comment!!!! :(

Hey guys!!!

you shall never guess what happened today!!! i met the boys i saw through my windows!!! in the lucnch room!! they helped me out of there kuz it was absolutely FULL of ppl!! AHHH!! but they made me feel better. sort of....tehe i think im begging to have a crush on Milo.... hes soooooo sweet!!! so uhhmm is anyone there?? i could use some come backss!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello, im a new character!! and my name is Jackie :D

Well, I'm happy to be back amoung friends ^-^ it's been a while since I've seen Sam and Chantae, but Stein still seems on edge. I wonder why? maybe he just needs a hug (few minutes later) turns out Stein didn't want a hug, must be in a grumpy mood again. oh well, maybe next time ^-^ ~*Jackie*~ <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello again!!...Ebony

hello, mann today was scary!! i was totally freaked!! i met a boy who had to show me around to get out of troube---lame, right?---well any way he was cute with some breath taking eyes!! icey blue, the kinda blue u only see on baby symese kittys!!! but he asked to many questions and what can i say, i freaked!!! i mean it sent me into a flash back!! UGGHH i dont really know life worth living if you live it in fear??...............IS ANYONE OUT THERE OR AMI JUST RAMBELING TO MY SELF?????? HELLLPPPP!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ebony again...

this whole blog thing is great i can really express my self!! :D mannn tomarrow is the big day!! i start school tomarrow... (gulp) im so nervous!! what if we have a...whats it called? doctor lock it?? where theres a tress passer??? and its HIM oh lord i cant handle it. the suspense is killing me!!!!!! please please pleas help me!! world???? what does it take to get you to care??? please help me!!! i wonder if Lucy thinks ive gone crazy....well havent i? im not sure...if a person lives her life in day to day paranoia...than its insanity... right? oh gosh i dont anyone even listening???

good morning...Jezabel

hello, some crazy stuff is going on and i cant say much about it. but just know im not in the best do i really know if theodore loves me? i honestly dont think he

Luella..... (why me!!!)

yesterday went horrible!!! i tried to defeat them, but i was to worried about their captive!! so, they defeated me. and they turned me into.....a.....a....vampire. oh the horror!!! i woke up in this weird house....i dont know whos it is but i will find out soon. i cant stay here. im a monster!! i could kill everyone!! i think the best thing would be to off with my self :'( im so upset! and im really thirsty. but i have a feeling its not for water....what do i do world??!!! what?!! how do i fix this??!!!

Ebony.....its a new day

every day i feel like i can have a new hope. i feel like he will be gone forever. i know i probably shouldnt get my hopes up, but i just cant help it. im accualy kind of happy today....Lucy was tring to let me sleep in, i accually got some sort of rest last night.i might check in later....did anyone come up with a good way to stay concealed!!!???? anyone? please help mee!!


so this morning everything is nice and dandy. i go looking for my mother so i can tell her i love her, i accually opened the wrong door and saw my other neibor today....its another boy my age. he was playing with his little sister. they were so cute together! and let me just say he was as YUM-IE as the last neighbor!! anyways, i go down stairs and mother is making breakfeast-for like 500 people!!!- and im all uhhmmm mom?? she said she invited all the neighbors over for breakfeast!!!! how inconsiderate!!!! my own mother doesnt remember i have Agoraphobia!!! (fear of crowded places) ugh!!! i know i wont stay mad forever, but still!!!! >:|
i still need help on how to get rid of my phobia....can anyone tell me!!??? please??!! i start school tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hope you enjoy!!! -----Luna


Luella Kasper Ellstrom. thats my name. Life? Well, let’s see. Some will say it’s beautiful, enchanting, or even magical. Oh the list goes on my friend. But here’s my perspective of things. It’s tough. When I was 16, someone, or what I think as something, killed my family. The cops handed me off to a foster home, but I ran away. I couldn’t just stand by and let whoever, or again I correct as whatever, killed my family get away. So I hunt them. And by them I mean vampires. They started showing their crimes around the year 2056, and my family just happened to get in their tirade. I have killed many vampires since then however and still haven’t found the killer. But mark my words, I will, and when I do, they will suffer. So, will you help me come up with some ideas on how to find the cretins??

Jezabel :O

Hello. Here in the midevil days I'm lost in the thought of Theodore. Hes my servant/love. I have grown up with him, and hes taken care of me. you see my mother is in her own world, because my father died of small pox. this happened before i was born. so she didnt take much care of me. i took care of my self with Theodores help. i love him with all my heart! could he possibly love me back?? sigh. well im going to the market today. i should ask him if he will come. how do i find out if he loves me, with out just asking him!!?? please help me! my internal babble wont stop!

Luna! :D

hello, im Luna!! i just moved. my dad died in the iraq war and my mom has been pretty depressed... we work through it though. im 16 and i start school the day after tomarrow. i cant say im to excited because ive been diagnosed with Agoraphobia (a phobia of large crowded places) but mine has a twist. im only scared if i dont know the with that said, im starting a new school FULL OF NEW PEOPLE!! ahhh!!! although ive seen my neighbors already. well through my window...and one of them is a guy my age! and let me say he is YUM-IE!! well ill check in tomarrow, oh and kudos to Ebony!! im sorry!! and can you guys comment and help me find a way to face my fears? it would help so much! (truely scared)

Ebony here

hey uhm, world? ive decided to go with the whole blog thing that someones set up for im Ebony(no last name, because he might see this) life has really turned around for me... im with Lucy, my pretend gaurdian for now, and she accually enrolled me in school!!! yea sure im 15 and i need to go, but im basically in hiding right now!! ugh, i cant even sleep through the night because i get scared he will find me, and now i have to go to a PUBLIC school!!! grrr. how can i cope guys? or girls? do you have any suggestions?? i already wear a big hoodie that hides my face... im so terrified...please comment if you have advice!!! YOU might really help me!!! (looking for help!!!!!!) :/