Monday, April 18, 2011


Ebony is a girl who hidding out from her kiddnapper,who indeed raped her... she lives with an FBI agent, named Lucy, and Lucy thinks the best way to look casual is to enroll Ebony in School. being terrified and helpless becaomes her whole life, will she stay hidden and out smart her persuer? or will he catch her and finish the awful memories hes already provided?

Jackie is an Optomist in a pesimistic world. She is on the run from the gaurds who so eviliy stole her away, however she is partners with Stein. a pesimist who cant stand her most of the time. will they catch Jackie? will she crack and become pesimistic? or will she ever find safety which may hold her twin brother?

Jezabel is an average middle class girl whose life takes place in midevil days. she is in love with her servant, but has no clue if he loves her back...when a war breaks out between her kingdom and the next, can she handle taking daring risks? will she be able to keep track of her younger sister and cope with possibly loosing Theodor her servant/true love?

Luella's family died when she was 16. ever since she has vowed to take revenge. killing vampires left and right to show the world shes not scared. but when she is defeated and turned into the very thing she hates so much, can she cope? (NO) but with the help of Christopher --the so called human boy that distracted her and made them turn her---she must deal anyway. what will she do next?

Luna moves to a new town and a new school. she is diagnosed with Agoraphobia-fear of open crowded places-can she truely handle it? meeting new people and falling in love with 3 guys doesnt help the situation. then there is the fact that everyone at her school is supernatural and seems to know more about her than she herself does. can she handle being a possible prophocy?

click on a Tab and follow one of these girls tales. HURRY ITS NOT TO LATE BUT THE CHARACTERS NEED YOU!!!!


  1. Hope you're going to follow through on one of these plots. I vote for Luna as the more interesting character to develop. The other themes are to scary and have happened in real life to often. Agoraphobia could be interesting especially for a young person.