Saturday, April 9, 2011

Luna! :D

hello, im Luna!! i just moved. my dad died in the iraq war and my mom has been pretty depressed... we work through it though. im 16 and i start school the day after tomarrow. i cant say im to excited because ive been diagnosed with Agoraphobia (a phobia of large crowded places) but mine has a twist. im only scared if i dont know the with that said, im starting a new school FULL OF NEW PEOPLE!! ahhh!!! although ive seen my neighbors already. well through my window...and one of them is a guy my age! and let me say he is YUM-IE!! well ill check in tomarrow, oh and kudos to Ebony!! im sorry!! and can you guys comment and help me find a way to face my fears? it would help so much! (truely scared)

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