Thursday, July 5, 2012


I don't know exactly what is going on, but I do know that Luella is safe, and Theodore went outside. I hope he returns because I am terrified!


  1. I am with you, but I am terrified of the written word! It is forever and forever is a long word!

    I prefer spoken word, which you can deny after said... provided you are not recorded!

    Always there is the concept of misinterpretation, or taken out of context which can be used as shelter in a emergency, but you cannot avoid publicity.

    So beware of words...

    Let Luella alone. If she is safe she is boring...

    Look at the corner, maybe Theodore is there smoking a joint in peace.

  2. Oh, I wish it were merely that! the town is under attack, and Luella is so young! kind sir, what do you do in a war such as this?