Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whoa. lets start a new day with out the world falling apart..

Hello followers!! Ebony here. So for some reason my comments are posting to reply to you! (sadface) so this is to the follower 'ifbyyes' :Hey after what ive been through i ask myself if im insane sorry, i love the use of exclamations...i mean i am only 16. :) and there was a 'doctor lock it' which is an intruder in the school...they never caught him so i dont know if it is him... and by him i mean my kidnapper (yikes)

and this is my daily post. now for some reason my internet was down but its back up and im REALLY sorry for the delay! okay so my last post was just crazy! i was at school and there was a doctor lock it 'refer to the paragraph above' and i was freaking out. i just cant bare the thought of him (my persuer) getting me again. but jace was there and he comforted me. (thankfully) at least until a big comotion happened at the door and jace got in the way. i pushed him out of the way just in time, and got the consiquence of getting shot! im okay now though. went to the hospital and the patched me all up. now im stuck with worry that the intruder was 'Him' and the guilt of giving in to Jace. So my question to my followers is.... "SHOULD I TELL JACE ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON, OR KEEP IT TO MYSELF??"